baby carriers
baby carriers
baby carriers
baby carriers
baby carriers

baby carriers

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  • adjustable height to 3 sizes (standard: 38, 44, 50),
  • adjustable width by the millimeter, grows with the baby, the desired width can be fixed with velcro fasteners,
  • maximum standard size: 50cm x 50cm,  
  • chest straps' height can be adjusted,
  • premium Tatonka accessories are used,
  • waist straps made with a special material so they never looses their bearing,
  • good for wearing on the back and on the front,
  • padded shoulder straps which keep their form for the comfort of the parent, 
  • the body part is made of two layers of fabric,
  • provides a posture for the children which is orthopedically correct,
  • a removable sleeping hood is standard accessory which can be easily put on the head of the baby even if the parent is alone,
  • for all year around,
  • softshell parts make it comfortable even if the weather is cold, 
  • a harmonic blend of tradition and modernity: the body holding part is made of very soft colimacon fabric material so that your baby rests on your back in the most optimal and orthopedically correct way, and the shoulder and waist straps are made of the most modern materials and accessories for your comfort,
  • matches with the other items in the collection which includes baby wearing coats, child dungarees, boots and coats for kids.
MATERIAL: colimacon fabric and softshell. CARE INSTRUCTION: