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babywearing coat JEANS
babywearing coat JEANS
babywearing coat JEANS
babywearing coat JEANS

babywearing coat JEANS

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Brilliant, versatile design guaranteeing years of wear. The 4in1 design enables it to be worn during pregnancy, carrying baby both front and back and also, without the insert, for regular wear.
  • the coat features an insert which is easy to zip into either the front or on the back, depending on desired use,
  • during pregnancy the insert's wider part should be below, whereas during carrying the baby, the wider part should be above,
  • the ingenious underarm zippers are designed to enable the coat to be easily put on once baby is positioned for back carrying,
  • the big hood is easy to detach, the baby cap is not part of the coat and therefore does not limit the child's movement (if he/she wants to look around). 
  • the hand warmer pocket on the insert helps you feel closer to your baby. The fleece cuff sleeve provides extra warmth and comfort,
  • the coats feature a drawstring below as well. Zips are covered below, above, on the front and the back.
  • matches with the other items in the collection which includes child dungarees, coats for kids, baby boots and baby wearing carriers.


ACCESSORIES: large hood with drawstring, insert for carrying on the front or on the back, and the cap for the baby which is a gift from NANA.
Material: SoftShell 
SoftShell is a breathing, water repellent material. Keeps the warmth in and the cold out. It is lined with polar fleece. SoftShell materials are usually not padded. 


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