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babywearing hoodie #cotton

babywearing hoodie #cotton

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4-in-1 coat for stylish women, mothers and babycarriers. The coat is equally comfortable and practical for anyone, during pregnancy and later for carrying a baby on the front or on the back. The big hood is easy to detach, the baby cap is not part of the coat and therefore does not limit the child's movement (if he/she wants to look around). The insert is easy to zip into the front or the back of the coat. During pregnancy the insert's wider part should be below, whereas during carrying the baby, the wider part should be above. The hand warmer pocket on the insert helps you feel closer to your baby. The ribbing of the arms match in color with the coat and keep the hands warm.


ACCESSORIES: large hood, small hood, insert for carrying on the front or on the back.



MATERIAL: cotton.

 (The coat is not a baby carrier. The baby has to be placed in a baby carrier and the coat should be worn over it.)


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