babywearing coat #mandala
babywearing coat #mandala
babywearing coat #mandala

babywearing coat #mandala

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NEW: The coats feature a drawstring below as well. Zips are covered below, above, on the front and the back.

Brilliant, versatile design guaranteeing years of wear. The 5-in-1 design enables it to be worn during pregnancy, carrying baby both front and back and also, without the insert, for regular wear.

The coat features an insert which is easy to zip into either the front or on the back, depending on desired use. During pregnancy the insert's wider part should be below, whereas during carrying the baby, the wider part should be above.

The ingenious underarm zippers are designed to enable the coat to be easily put on once baby is positioned for backcarrying.
The big hood is easy to detach, the baby cap is not part of the coat and therefore does not limit the child's movement (if he/she wants to look around).
The hand warmer pocket on the insert helps you feel closer to your baby. The fleece cuff sleeve provides extra warmth and comfort.
ACCESSORIES: large hood, insert for carrying on the front or on the back, and the cap for the baby and the backpack which is a gift from NANA.
FABRIC: SoftShell or WellBoa.
SoftShell is a breathing, water repellent material. Keeps the warmth in and the cold out. It is lined with polar fleece. The blue-back, the red and the tabby are made of this material.
The SoftShell WellBoa has a furry lining in it. The black-pink coat is made from this fabric.

SoftShell and WellBoa materials are usually not padded.


 We recommend using dye trapping sheets

of the NANA coats

length on the back 90 cm 90 cm 90 cm
back shoulder 10 cm 10 cm 10 cm
length on the sleeve (ribbing adds +4cm) 60 cm 62 cm 63 cm
bust 92 cm 102 cm 108 cm
waistline 72 cm 82 cm 90 cm
hip 94 cm 104 cm 110 cm
size of insert 50 cm, 38 cm, 14 cm 50 cm, 38 cm, 14 cm 50 cm, 38 cm, 14 cm
length of insert 88 cm 88 cm 88 cm

(The coat is not a baby carrier. The baby has to be placed in a baby carrier and the coat should be worn over it.)